Blank firing pistols are a bit of a controversy for many (prospective) buyers, we certainly aren't going to idle around this point. Though more on this later.

The blank-firing guns we stock, are all front-venting and chambered in 9x22mm P.A.K. The barrels on these guns are blocked and aside from being overtly choked and being unrifled, they are rated to handle lightly above 5000 PSI. Your average 9x19mm LUGER discharges at preessures of 30,000 PSI w/ the +P @ 36,000 PSI, well above 5x the rating.

These guns are all front venting and likewise, produce a muzzle flash, however, do not discharge any projectiles, nor is it legal for them to do so.

For the most part, these guns are replicas of firearm patterns, especially the popular ones, such as the GLOCK 19, 19C, 17, 26, BERETTA 92 , 84FS, CZ 75, COLT 1911, WALTHER PPK, etc.

They operate realistically like a firearm, most of them featuring the same controls you'd have on the firearm counterpart and likewise, most of them would fit into the same softshell holsters intended for the firearm counterparts, though not so for the hardshell / moulded holsters, as these pistols are dimensionally slightly off from the firearm they replicate, for a number of reasons.

These guns are operated similarly to a firearm in terms of magazine loading, magazine insertion, racking the slide, semi-automatic firing, spent brass casings ejected per shot fired and slide hold-open once the final cartridge is discharged from the magazine.


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