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Hand Made Knife L - 17 cm

Hand Made Knife L - 17 cm

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Made from High Grade 420 Steel

  • A popular grade of stainless steel is the 400 series. Among these, the alloy 420 is used frequently to make both kitchen and outdoor knives. It primarily consists of iron and chromium but contains small amounts of carbon plus other metals too. 420 steel receives praise for its good corrosion resistance and durability.
  • The advantage of a 420 steel knife lies in a couple of areas. Firstly, like other stainless steel grades, the corrosion resistance is superb. As a consequence, you don’t have to worry about always keeping your knife dry.
  • 420 steel can absorb lots of energy without cracking. The toughness of this alloy is useful for hunting knives, where high-energy strikes are common. 420 steel is not brittle. Striking a cutting board hard with one of these knives will not cause damage. 420 steel knives can survive many falls too.
  • The shiny silvery finish of a stainless steel blade is a thing of beauty. 420 stainless steel is very eye-catching and looks great.
  • The chromium within the alloy prevents iron oxide (i.e. rust) from forming. This helps to maintain the blade’s beautiful shiny finish for longer.
  • The great thing about 420 steel is that it doesn’t require any special maintenance. That’s what makes 420 knives so suitable for everyone.
  • Do not wash your 420 steel knife in a dishwasher and also avoid using steel wool to clean it. Use a soft sponge instead. Once clean, you can leave the knife to air-dry ― though it’s good practice to dry it by hand.


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