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Bruni Peacemaker Revolver Chrome Blank Revolver

Bruni Peacemaker Revolver Chrome Blank Revolver

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6-shot revolver, 380 mm caliber blank, Bruni Sheriff model, breech-loading (i.e. the rounds are inserted into the back of the drum), chrome-plated, wooden scales, single action operation (i.e. the hammer must be raised to fire), fixed drum, opening on the drum for single-shot loading, under-barrel expelling rod.

Similar in shape, weight, mechanism and dimensions to the original model 1873 Colt Single Action Army Chrome .45 Revolver with 5.5 inch barrel used in the Far West.

The weapon is supplied with 1 cardboard box for transport.

Technical features:

Caliber 380mm
Number of Strokes 6
Weight: 1100 g
Length: 280mm
Nickel finish
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